Over the past 20 years, I have been honored to serve the people of Maricopa County as their Sheriff. I am so proud of what my office and my deputies have accomplished.

Our policies of fighting crime, going after deadbeat parents who owe back child support, apprehending those who abuse or neglect animals, running the toughest jail system in the country, and saving you, the taxpayer, millions of dollars a year have been the shining achievements in my 55 years of being in law enforcement.

So I’m proudly running on my record and accomplishments for another term as Sheriff.

But because I have been so outspoken against illegal immigration, I have become the target of attack by special interest groups and left-wing politicians who would rather turn a blind eye towards the crisis of illegal immigration.

All I am doing is advocating for the enforcement of the laws of this state and our country.

What these extremists really want is a Sheriff who will look the other way, be silent and allow the charade to continue, while ignoring the laws of our land. That, I promise, will never happen.

So I desperately need your help. It’s going to take a lot of resources to combat the attacks and false allegations against me and my deputies. We anticipate the hardest campaign in Maricopa County history to remove me due to my unyielding stance on illegal immigration enforcement.

I cannot compete with the local and national media machines that distort my record and the job I’m doing to protect this country. I have to go directly to the people for their support. I need good people like you in this country to stand behind me and help me fight this fight.

Please join our campaign today. We must win this battle.

Thank you!